4. Popup Menus

By clicking the right button menu anywhere on the left or the right view, you gain access to a popup menu. If you let your mouse cursor on the item during some while, a tooltip will appear.
Please note that many items of popup menu have an accelator key and a shortcut.

Left view (remote)
Right view (local)

4.1 Remote menu

- Change device : let you select another device configuration,
- Options : get access to general options in a single box,
- Local view : toggle full/simplified GUI (show/hide right frame). Drag & Drop is not useable, operations are executed by the Receive and Send buttons,
- Full path : send variable into its original folder,
- Recv as group : receive several file in a single group file,
- Delete var : request deletion of variables/applications previously selected in the remote view,
- Create folder : request creation of folder.

4.2 Local menu

- Edit : cut/copy/paste files, rename/delete files, create a new folder,
- File : (un)select all files, go to parent folder (..), set as working folder (and save config), refresh local view,
- Options : show all files, confirm deleting/overwriting, receive as group,
- Change Drive :
change the working drive [Win32]