The Register Window


The Register Window lists all the registers and their contents for the selected stack frame. It permits viewing the contents of registers in different formats and some display customizations.

Any register that was not collected will be displayed as having a value of "0x0". To collect registers, add them to the collection action in the Tracepoint Dialog.

The Register Window will update the register contents in the display to match the stack frame currently being viewed in the Source Window and Stack Winodw.

Register Window topics:

Register Menu

The Register Menu provides on-screen access to the functionality of the Register Window. To use any item from this menu, first use the mouse and select (click the left mouse button) on any register cell. Users may then select:
Change the display format of the selected register
Remove from Display
Remove the selected register from the Register Window Display
Display All Registers
Display all registers in the Display. This item is only available when a register was previously removed from the Display.

Register Display

The Register Display contains name and value pairs for each register available on the target hardware. These "cells" are layed out as a spreadsheet for ease of use.

To navigate the Register Display, use either the mouse and left mouse button or the arrow keys on the keyboard to highlight the appropriate cell. Users may then use the Register Menu or use the Register Pop-up Menu to access special display options for the Register Window.

The Register Pop-up Menu

All of the special functions of the register window are accessed through the Register Pop-up Menu. To use the Menu, simply select a register (see Navigating the Register Display) and click the right mouse button. The Menu offers:
Change the display format of the register. Valid display types are:
The register's contents are displayed in hexadecimal (base 16).
The value is shown as a decimal number (base 10).
The register is displayed in its natural format.
The contents of the register are displayed as a binary number (base 2).
The register's contents are shown in octal (base 8).
The raw contents of the register are shown.
Remove the selected register from the display. To display the removed register again, select the "Display All Registers" option from the Register Menu or the Register Pop-up Menu.
Display All Registers
Causes the Register Window Display to show all registers, including those which were previously "removed". This menu item is only available when removed registers exist.