8. Screenshots

TiEmu is able to do various screenshots in several formats. This part is slightly automated.

8.1 Settings

From the popup menu, select Screenshot > Options:

TiEmu currently supports 6 image formats: JPG (jpeg), PNG, ICO (Windows Icon), BMP, EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) and PDF (Adobe Portable Document Format) on both platforms. Image can be saved as color or B&W. You can choose to save the whole window or just the LCD area.

Unless changed with the drop-down button menu, screenshots are saved in the application folder (C:\Program Files\TiEmu).
Filename is built by TiEmu with:
- a pattern : the base name,
- a counter which is incremented every time you trigger a snapshot (but saved if you save the whole configuration),
- an extension depending on the image format.

Starting with TiEmu 2.81b (20060804), you can take several (n) screenshots at once (burst capture) every (m-1) frames .
The 'n' value is fixed by the shots button while the 'm' value is specified by the skips button.
The example abolve will trigger 4 captures every 4 LCD frames.

8.2 To use it

From the popup menu, select Screenshot > Now ! or simply press F9 for doing a screenshot with the current options.