10. Skins

Bad news: TiEmu uses its own skins; they are not VTI-compatible.
Why? Because the VTI skin format is somewhat limited and doesn't take care of some portability issues.

Good news: You can re-use your VTI skins!

Well, how can I use or develop TiEmu skins? Julien Blache has developed a multi-platform skin editor, called SkinEdit:

SkinEdit has all of the basic functions of a skin editor and some add-ons:
- import/export of VTI 2.1, VTI 2.5 and TiEmu 2.0 skin format (for all calcs: TI82..V200),
- load any image format (not restricted to JPEG). This feature depends on the pixbuf loaders provided by the GTK+ libraries.

Note: the TiEmu v2.0 skin format is documented. See the docs folder of the source archive.