20. Problems & Bugs

There are several ways to get in touch if you encounter a problem with TiEmu or if you have questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc.

If you have general questions or problems, please consider the users'
mailing list first.
If you want to discuss TiEmu, you can use the TiLP
If you want to contribute to the TiEmu project, there is a developer's
mailing list.
For bug reports, use the
'Bug Tracking System' (BTS).

20.1 Questions

Please read all documentation carefully before sending a post. Most people do not take time enough to carefully read the documentation. If you are sure that your question is not answered in any of these docs, then post.

The TiEmu team will not reply to questions which are already answered in those docs!

20.2 Bugs

Most of bug reports I receive do not contain enough information (because people do not read the documentation before mailing). I often have to ask for subsequent information which is not very efficient for me and takes more time for you.

A bug report should always contain the following information:
- platform type: Windows (which one: 98, NT4, ...), Linux (which distribution, which kernel, is devfs/udev running, etc.)
- calculator type (TI89, HW1, HW2, ...)
- cable type
and port (COM1, LPT1, USB, etc.),
- TiLP framework version and TiEmu version
- [Linux]: TiEmu displays much information at startup. You have 2 ways for sending them to me. Either launch TiLP by 'tilp >& log' and send/post the log file, or send/post the '$HOME/tilp.console' file.
- [Win32]: you will have to enable the console first. Open the 'tiemu.ini' file and change 'console=no' to 'console=yes'. Launch TiEmu and send/post the 'C:\console.log' file.

If you have more information, you are welcome to send it! You can send screen captures, too, just don't exceed 100 Kbytes.